Friday, January 29, 2010

A tough day for CVA.

There are plenty of reports and blogs about the disastrous night that CVA and friends had on Thursday. Looking at the -A- kill boards we see a total of 479 kills for only 14 losses. The worst part is that a lot of losses from the CVA side were capitals (dreads and carriers) while none were lost by -A-.

From different reports I see that the pilots from the CVA side were not experienced enough for these type of engagements. A lot of blame has been place in some forums on the FC, but there is so much that he can do. If people don't listen, not even the greatest FC can save you.

We also have to look at the -A- fleet. That thing was huge. Even if CVA pilots were all seasoned pilots, I would imagine things would have finished almost identical. -A- not only had a number majority, but the amount of Titans, Motherships and support fleet they brought was impressive.

It was a historic night even if didn't end like I wanted to.

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